Historical Documents – 1999 Undisclosed Recipients: ;

By Joey Plaster, Miriam Jackson, Kristen Keniray, Corey Dargel, Tyfahra Singleton, KT Shorb
Spring 1999

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From the mission statement: “to aid in the development of a new kind of queer politics and activism coming out of Oberlin in which issues of class, race, transgenderism, socially transgressive sexualities, ability, and experimental/radical activism are not only important, but central. to critique and create a means of resisting the interlocking power structures which perpetuate heterosexism, racism, classism, transphobia, erotiphobia, ablism, and sexism and to establish connections (create community) between people of different backgrounds without compromising individual identity. to increase radical activism and coalition building on (and off) campus among queers and non-queers alike.”


  • “No Language; No Voice; No Identity”
  • An interview with Diana Courvant, “transexual activist and director of the Survivor Project, an organization based in Portland, Oregon dedicated to addressing issues of domestic violence specific to trans and intersex survivors”
  • “Though we are all queer, queer is not all we are”
  • An interview with an anonymous member of art activist group Boy With Arms Akimbo
  • “In my humble opinion: excerpts from ‹ iaolist_1@american.edu ›”
  • “Queer Peers: Please accept us, we’re just like you”
  • “My Spirit Ensues”
  • “Dean search, Oberlin, and taking you for a loop; facts and fallacies”
  • An interview with Susan Raffo, “editor of Queerly Classed and former Obie (81-83)”
  • Heterosexual Questionnaires
  • “Invocation from the drag king”