Historical Documents – 1952 Luke Warmer Diary Entry

52 2 4 Monday 11p

What part does sin play in abreaction? Kim felt no sin when he stole for he was courageous or was free. Another might steal, justified by just as much need, but feel guilty, not express his feeling through the act, so that it would not pass with the act and remain with the act, and thus he could be accused later because he still carried the feeling or guilt with him, whereas if he had left it with the act he would look at his accuser with common sense and deny him, not in fact, but in connotation, or sense of sin.
      Sin is caused by connotation set up by tradition or society in broad terms, and direct teaching on individuals in specific terms. A general contact pervading through all, and a specific contact pervading through one. Much results unhappily when the two conflict, however when they are set in order and harmonized, the understanding and civilization has increased.

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