Into the Pink

The book Into the Pink consists of transcribed conversations from the First Reunion of the Oberlin Lesbian, Gay Bisexual Alumni [now the Oberlin Lambda Alumni] on October 12, 1991. Participants in the conversations covered a range of more than 50 years, the oldest having graduated Oberlin College in 1937, the youngest in 1991. Participants were grouped into clusters by graduation years, then asked to talk about gay life at Oberlin during their time on campus.

This is not a definitive history of LGB life at Oberlin College, limited, as it is, by the experience of the participants at the First OLGBA Reunion. However, it is an important record, demonstrating the inestimable value of obtaining additional personal histories in years to come, as subsequent gatherings of Oberlin lesbians, gays and bisexuals occur.

This online text is an abbreviated version of the book, published by the Oberlin College Alumni Office in 1996. Deletions are indicated by ellipsis. Complete, hardbound copies of Into the Pink may be available through the Oberlin College Alumni Office.

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