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Fairchild Hall – A small co-ed south-campus residence hall opened in 1949. There is currently a separate co-op dining hall in the basement, but in the past, hall residents ate their meals in the dorm as well.

fifth-year students – Oberlin Conservatory students have the option of completing a double-degree major program. Students remain at Oberlin for five years, completing majors in both the Conservatory of Music and the College of Arts and Sciences.

French House – Currently located in the small north-campus Bailey Hall, which opened in 1973, the French Language program house has been moved several times. Students participating in the program focus on their French skills and participate in many community-building programs.

Fuller, Robert – Bob Fuller served as the ninth college president from 1970 to 1974.

Gay Lib – See Oberlin College Gay Liberation.

Gay Liberation – See Oberlin College Gay Liberation.

Gay Union – See Oberlin College Gay Union.

General Faculty – Oberlin’s General Faculty is the main decision-making body on campus.

Gorfain, Phyllis – Professor of English since 1971.

Grey Gables – One of the first housing and dining co-ops on campus torn down in 1964. It was located southwest of where Dascomb Hall sits. The site is currently a parking lot.

Hall Auditorium – Completed in 1953, Hall Auditorium seats 500 and is the primary theater on campus.

Harkness – The largest of the housing and dining co-ops on campus opened in 1949. It is a south-campus residence hall noted for the antics and oddities of its residents.

Hernton, Calvin – Professor of African-American Studies since 1970.

Inn – See Oberlin Inn.

Jed (Brother Jed) – An evangelical preacher who makes the college campus circuit. He is known to preach on Tappan Square for several days to anyone who will listen, and is known for his intolerance and homophobia.

Johnny’s – One of the only beer and wine sellers near Oberlin (it is an almost dry town), Johnny’s is located north of Oberlin on Route 58 just outside the city limits.

Johnson House – Also known as Hebrew House, J-house houses the Judaic library and, while not a language house, promotes discussion and study of Judaic and Near Eastern studies. Opened in 1920 as a residence for Conservatory women, Johnson is noted for its huge rooms and considerable distance from campus.

Jones, Adrienne – Professor of African-American Studies since 1983.

Keep Cottage – Completed in 1912 and located on the eastern fringes of north-campus, Keep was actually a women’s residence hall for over half a century before being turned over to OSCA in 1966 as a housing and dining co-op.

King Building – Completed in 1964, King is the primary classroom building on campus, housing two large lecture rooms.

Koshar, Ronald – Food Service employee since 1973.

Ladies’ Auxiliary – Women who visited Mallory House as opposed to the women who lived there.

Langeler, George – Dean of Students from 1959 until his retirement in 1992.

language dorms – Residence Halls such as French House, Spanish House, Russian House and German House where a different culture and language are emphasized throughout the school year.

La Union – The student Latino organization from 1977 to present.

Lesbian and Gay Union (LGU) – See Oberlin College Lesbian and Gay Union.

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Union (LGBU) – The student lesbian and gay organization from 1988 to present [became the Lambda Union in 2005].

Lesbians Be Loud (LBL) – Student organization in Wilder Hall.

Lesbians Into Preserving Sappho (LIPS) – A social group consisting of college and town lesbians.

Lord-Saunders – See African Heritage House.

Love, Donald (Don) – Oberlin College ’16. Don Love served the college from 1926 – 1965, as dean, registrar, secretary, and acting president. He died in 1974.

Mallory House – Mallory served the college as a residence hall from 1947 until the early 1990’s when it was closed down due to structural problems. It served as the Women’s Collective, a women-only living environment.

May Cottage – Completed in 1932, May Cottage was used as a dormitory for the Oberlin Kindergarten Training School. It was located south of Harkness and was torn down in 1968. The site is currently a parking lot.

Mayfair – Mayfair weekend brings Oberlin students out to participate in an arts and crafts fair and music festival. Sales and fund-raising booths and music stages cover Wilder Bowl. The public is encouraged to attend.

Men’s Building – See Wilder Hall.