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Help enrich the record of Oberlin’s LGBT history by posting an anecdote or story in the class year sections at the right. Contact us if you would like to write a longer, more in-depth first-person essay to be posted on the Personal Histories section, would like to submit a photo or other materials, or have a question.

meredith“Personal stories play a vital role in expanding our knowledge about the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer organizations, activities, and institutions. They also provide an important method for the documentation of the friendships, passions, and emotions that form the living web of our communities. The experiences of LGBTQ students and the development of LGBTQ communities and organizations are an important but often unrecognized element of the history of social justice at Oberlin College. The stories collected here play an important role in developing a fuller account of the role of sexualities in the history of Oberlin College and the role of Oberlin College in the history of sexualities.”

Meredith Raimondo
Assistant Professor, LGBTQ Studies/Comparative American Studies
Oberlin College