Share Your Story – Classes 1980-1989

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One thought on “Share Your Story – Classes 1980-1989

  1. Carl Ratner

    When I first came to Oberlin and the Gay Union was starting to blossom my freshman and sophomore years, there was a big issue of lesbian and gay. Was the Gay Union a gay male organization or was it a lesbian and gay organization? One of the things that was interesting was that many of the lesbians in the Gay Union felt bulldozed by the men in the group. In many ways I would say that I was one of the guiltiest parties. I mean only that I was very vigorous in stating my opinion and standing up to speak whatever I felt like saying. I was saying it, and it seemed like there were always men in the room who were ready to take the floor. There was not a lot of space that would encourage shyer people, some of whom were lesbians in that group, to speak up and be heard.


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